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Re: Pole Lathe 2000

Postby Bob_Fleet » Tue May 26, 2009 11:04 pm

Try this

Jean Paul Rossi's lathe is pretty cool.

No reason it should have 2 moving poppets.
We made one with two posts hammered into the ground with a filed nail in each as the spindle.

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Re: Pole Lathe 2000

Postby gavin » Wed May 27, 2009 7:25 am

Richard wrote:Is there any reason why I need to make two moveable poppets for a pole lathe :?:

Looking at the design for a Pole Lathe 2000 it appears that I could just increase the height of one of the vertical uprights to receive the fixed centre and then form a support for the tool rest with a block of wood :idea:

It depends how you spring the lathe. If you use a bungee-rubber fixed to the lathe's vertical uprights or outrigger poles dropped in, your string will want to sit more or less in the mid-point of the bungee. But your suggestion causes a pull not on the mid-point of the bungee - so your drive-string or strap will have a kink in it.

Mounting the bungee on the vertical uprights/outrigger poles may cause lateral movement of the vertical uprights and hence your centres, so your work may fly out of its mountings as they move in and out. If you use a pole or a bungee separate from the lathe, then your idea will work.

With a lathe as light as Pole lathe 2000, you may find it lacks inertia if you have a heavy load, or treadle powerfully. So having your spinning work mounted off-centre will tend to make the lathe even more wobbly.

If I were you, I would try the experiment you suggest AND also build a second poppet.
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Re: Pole Lathe 2000

Postby Mark Allery » Wed May 27, 2009 9:01 am

I have wondered if its necessary to build the two moveable poppets. If you are only intending to make spindles of similar or short lengths then it might be quite ok to fix one poppet to the bed or extend the upright. As Gavin says you may need to rebalance the lathe somehow adding weight at the other end, I guess a sandbag would do or a couple of pegs to hold the legs down - sometimes the polelathe 2000 needs this anyway. With a pole or bow and bobbin working at one end of the lathe bed is not a problem and my limited experience with bungees leads me to believe that you can use them off centre to some extent.

Since I have to make one poppet I've always made the second the same way - I don't think you save enough effort or wood by making one fixed one to make it worthwhile given the loss of stability but it would be an interesting twist to give it a go. With the lathe design there is no problem to make and add a second poppet later on if you choose to.


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Re: Pole Lathe 2000

Postby Paul Thornton 2sheds » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:05 pm

i am not very good at following instructions from anyone or anything including a book,
most of my greenwood working is pretty rough and ready, or as i like to call it - functional
this afternoon i got my copy of living wood, grabbed some sawn timber, oak and douglas from a pile of "what shall we do with these bits it's too good to burn" timber and following instructions from the book bashed together a pole lathe 2000. still need to drill for the centres and make the tool rest but i only had a couple of hours before dark.
it is light, it feels pretty stable, i think i will like it but until i try it i will not know.
it looks just like lots of other peoples pole lathes! quite please at my discipline at following insturctions to the millimetre.

may post a picture when its done.
learning more every day
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