In the news: Scandinavian billionaires buying up land in UK

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In the news: Scandinavian billionaires buying up land in UK

Postby ToneWood » Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:00 am

The vikings are coming (let's hope they bring axes)...

I came across two news stories this year concerning Scandinavian billionaires buying large tracts of the British countryside:

One is a Danish billionaire, Fashion magnate Anders Holch Povlsen, who has bought up several estates in Scotland. One article said made him the second largest landowner, or perhaps gave him the second largest estate in Scotland, after the Duke of Buccleugh ("The current Duke of Buccleuch, Richard Scott, the 10th Duke, is the largest private landowner in the United Kingdom"). Apparently he has an interest in forestry. ... -23851760/

The retail tycoon’s land grabs have led to speculation he’s buying into Scotland to rake in controversial EU farming subsidies.

Last night, 42-year-old Povlsen’s UK representatives confirmed he did get publicly funded handouts for some of the 120,000 acres he owns.

But they denied he’d bought into Scotland for this reason, insisting he was an environmentalist who wanted to “create thriving Caledonian woodlands” in Sutherland.

Thomas MacDonnell, who manages the businessman’s Scottish estates, said Povlsen was a lover of the countryside and highlighted his green credentials.

MacDonnell said: “Some of Mr Povlsen’s land holding in Scotland does receive subsidies but these subsidies were purchased with the land and are low value in comparison to fertile land in the south.

“He contributes much more of his funds into his land holding in Scotland than any EU subsidies the land may be entitled to.
“The main motivation for ownership of land and nature is the belief that wild nature and its beauty is the world’s greatest asset.”

The other concerned a Swedish billionaire, Stefan Persson (of retailer H&M), who is buying up farms surrounding his place in Wiltshire - and most recently and controversially, the pub at Ramsbury :D. Apparently a keen shooter. He bought an entire village, Linkenholt , in Hampshire, near Andover: ... re-village

Hopefully the market for Swedish-style carved goods will be much in demand from these fellows and their pals :D.
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