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Re: Impact of Facebook

Postby Bob_Fleet » Sat May 31, 2014 10:50 pm

Chat rooms, personal blogs, no pictures, local groups, facebook, centralised forum, common interest, information, search ability, relevance, usefulness, repository of knowledge, significant timeline photo posts - we've seen it all. Maybe the answer is 42.

Pictures are great - in their place but not 20 taken from every angle around an object. They can be great showing the techniques needed and the details you might miss. Holiday pics have another place. The "show me your shaving horse and I'll show you mine" is brilliant - and on topic.
Great pictorial tutorial on fitting a new handle to an axe. Better than long paragraphs.

For those who don't want to start their own blog, can't or won't use all of the free blog sites, we even made an area to show what you're proud of and have achieved. It's the Member's Projects section.
If you find your name in there a lot then maybe you should think about starting your own blog - only saying.
Put your blog link in your signature and anyone interested will easily find you.
If you've done something then great, if you can add to the knowledge/skill/experience/techniques etc, but not just another post of "look what I've just found out on Google" please. We can all do that.

I use Facebook a lot. I'm in some groups, run one and have a few pages, but this forum seems different.
It isn't frenetic and the posts are not gone off screen tomorrow and our world moves on slowly.
There is something of a repository of knowledge in here somewhere.
We tried an index of seminal posts but that really needs a curator or archivist to keep it up to date.
However, the search facility is great and most questions have usually been answered in some way or another previously.
I've stopped answering 'simple' questions again and prefer to give the link to the first time around.
As computer memory gets cheaper, who culls their 20,000 pictures to make room for more?
We just double the memory and add another 20,000.
How will you ever find the picture you want now there are 40,000?
I think of the forum a bit like that.
We maybe need to cull or distill every now and again.
Better yet - don't clutter to start with.
Sometimes as a moderator it would be great to move posts to an appropriate section, maybe HERE.

The Facebook GreenWoodWork files looks great.
Must have a look in there sometime.
I've even applied to join the group.

I'm one of the worst for a horrible pun or slipping off topic but hopefully not too often. Even known to use baby aardvarks as sarcasm to make a point.
Admittedly one which bears upon this topic too.

I must admit that now I don't expect to find the wee gems that used to pepper the discussions as a lot has been said - use the search first to find them yourself.
You'll know which names down the right hand side add to the forum and which you skip.

Hopefully us moderators perform some function apart from correcting typos and making links work and combining topics.

I like Dave's comment; It is more like a wisdom than a passing conversation.

Society is like a stew. If you don't keep it stirred up, you get a lot of scum on top.--Edward Abbey

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