Look out for the Wooplaw brand

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Look out for the Wooplaw brand

Postby Bob_Fleet » Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:53 pm

Sorry to say that the shipping container got broken into at Wooplaw Woodland.
Generator and strimmer and gas burners gone but also our box with hand tools.
Not much use except for greenwood so they'll probably try and sell them.
S Djarv middle adze, GB carving axe, bowl gouges and a cheap set of Clarke carving chisels.
However they do have the Wooplaw brand on them in case they turn up anywhere.
Wooplaw brand.jpg
Wooplaw brand.jpg (529.87 KiB) Viewed 3429 times
(Thanks for the idea Johnny P - LINK)

Please pass this on and also share our Facebook page and post to any other groups.
If anything turns up can you let James Collin, our treasurer know?
He also had the joy of discovering it on his Boxing Day walk.
You'll get him at subs@wooplaw.org.uk
Here's hoping and thanks in advance.

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Come and see us all at http://www.wooplaw.org.uk
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