my first bowls

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my first bowls

Postby Paul Thornton 2sheds » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:11 pm

hi all,

been off here for a while (been far too busy with life for either the forum or much making) but thought i should post some thing again. after all, i am quite active in one way or another, mainly in the woods, milling etc been doing lots of spoons & gypsy flowers recently. well i made this bowl lathe about 18mths ago:

Image and never got round to working out how to use it so my wife helped me out with xmas & birthday presents of tuition:
a couple of weeks ago i did 2 days with Ben Orford, 1 & half days tuition in bowl turning and half a day making tools in his workshop. i managed 3 bowls and a platter then and since then i have done endless DIY but today i managed to get out and turn 2 more bowls.

Image todays ash bowls, about 5 or 6" dia
Image this is my first "unsupervised" bowl

Image all my bowls so far

i'll happily admit they are all a bit heavy on the wood & at the moment i make what shape forms but hey, there s plenty of time to refine things.i'm very happy.
today i used ash because that was all i had avaliable at the right diameter and not too green. i did not like it much, not as nice to work as the alder Ben had. i also have to say i found making smaller bowls harder, more awkward like, not so physical but perhaps a bit harder.

ben's tuition was great, he has a great way of demystifying things and where appropriate making things as simple as possible. hopefully i'll consolidate what he taught me and refine my bowls as and when i get the chance. i must admit i today roughed out my blanks with a chainsaw not an axe, i'm a lot more skillful with a chainsaw than i am an axe and perhaps i am impaitient to get things onto the lathe?

see ya,

learning more every day
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Re: my first bowls

Postby Graeme Fraser » Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:00 pm

Really lovely bowls - well done indeed.

One day, one day. :mrgreen:

Graeme :D
Graeme Fraser
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