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Bowl and spoon tuition

Postby Kevin Downing » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:18 pm

I had a trip to London at the end of October and organised a day bowl turning with James (Chainsaw kid) and a day spoon carving with Sean Hellman. Attached are photos.

For the bowl, I used a medium hook made by Ben Orford, James’s own hook and his bottoming knife with a long handle as well as a Kent head pattern axe. The design is a Mary Rose drinking vessel and made from Sycamore. It is now drying out. This is my eighth bowl, my first two done under Paul Atkin’s guidance in 2009. My last solo attempt this summer was poor and I reckoned I needed help. Hence the day’s tuition.

Sean was available to show me carving techniques on my return home via the west country and I made my first spoon under his supervision. There was more axe work than I thought but I was comfortable with that. I could probably have bought a book on carving techniques but it is easier for me to remember the cuts if I do them. Better too to have someone experienced watch me and make comments. I think I need more time to practise the carving techniques. And luckily a friend dropped off an Olive branch to me last week. But I’ll practise on something more common first.

I also got good advice on tools for making bowls and spoons as well as sharpening. I thoroughly enjoyed both days tuition and am grateful to both James and Sean for their help.
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Re: Bowl and spoon tuition

Postby SeanHellman » Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:46 pm

Kevin, it was a pleasure to teach you, and as I said at the time that is the best first spoon I have ever seen anyone make. Good luck with your future endeavours with spoon making and I am sure you will be making more wonderful spoons in no time. Lovely bowl too.
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