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Gavin-question about tools

Postby Fuzzy » Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:56 am

After looking on your site, in the gallery photos, you've got only two tools with handles on them. Are the others interchangeable with the handles? How do you keep them from turning?
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Postby gavin » Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:17 am

I drill holes in the handles to just fit the tang - you have to experiment with the size of the tang, and the size of drill bit.

I don't interchange handles. All the hooks I use have handles. Handles are very easily and quickly made.

To fit a handle, I grip the shank in the vice ( or shave horse) , with the tang exposed. I offer the tang in to the hole in the handle, and then hit the end of the handle.

I don't like to glue the handles to the tang, you sometimes want to change them!

I used to taper the tangs, because Lailey did ( and I liked beating hot metal!) But I have found I get a better result driving non-tapered shanks of steel that was sold to me as 16 mm diameter (but actually my micrometer shows them as 16.1 mm ) into holes drilled about 50 or 60 mm deep into green wood with a Japanese bit stamped with '16 mm' (but measuring 15.6 mm). The hole then shrinks a little and gives a tighter grip.

I recommend you practise with your bits and your shanks to get the best grip. The Canadian turner and tool-maker Andre Martel told me he recommends holes one thirty-second of an inch smaller than the shank. His handles are of seasoned wood, and my dimensions above are for green wood.
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