introducing a Japanese bowlturner

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introducing a Japanese bowlturner

Postby robin wood » Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:23 am

I would like to introduce you to a Japanese friend Tomio Imaru. He visited the UK a few years ago and met Mike Abbott but has recently become interested in bowlturning. We have corresponded quite a bit and when you look at the photos below I am sure you will agree he has made simply fantastic progress. I love his hewn wood lathes. It has been a great pleasure to me to have a small insight into this fascinating culture too. I have seen Japanese power lathe turners using hook tools to turn nice bowls similar in form to our medieval mazers but Tomio showed me that they are for drinking miso soup. Not only that but we exchanged some of my bowls for some nice laquerware miso bowls and Tomio sent me all the ingredients and a recipe to make a gorgeous miso soup.

I am hoping that Tomio will sign up here and you can all enjoy his interesting journey.




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Miso soup

Postby Robin Fawcett » Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:28 am

I think I read about Tomio on your blog and it's great that he's got so far so quickly. I really like the pic of him with the bowl and the Clisset chairs.

Are you going to share his recipe? Do you have to drink it from a special bowl to get the full effect?[url=]
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