Cloning grandpa's work: peening station

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Cloning grandpa's work: peening station

Postby mstibs » Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:30 pm

My great-grandfather was a cartwright and he made and sold ladders and peening stations in his old days nearly until he died with 78 years. I still own a peening station from him. It's about fifty years old now (older than me). You can see pictures (w/ metric measurements) of it and read about the construction on Steve Tomlins site Steve switched me a light on when we were exchanging experiences with mowing, so today I started cloning grandpa's peening station from half-green and dry wood.
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The biggest problem was getting a plank broad enough for my ar**. :wink: Finally found something at a construction wood dealer. The stand with the anvil is half dry ash, the legs and the pole are hazel from last summer.

This prototype took me 4 hrs, most of it built with hand tools except the 30 mm holes for the legs and the pole (don't have a 30 mm auger, had to use a Fostner drill). Material cost: ~12 Euros for the anvil and the 300 x 30 mm plank. I hope it will sell for 40-50 Euros. I'll place it in the front yard in spring.

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Re: Cloning grandpa's work: peening station

Postby jrccaim » Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:39 am

That is very interesting. Not having used a scythe until two years ago, I bought a peening jig with my scythe. Blade( and I think, jig) made in Austria. I clear brush with it in the summer. Marvellous tool. If one has years of experience one can peen a scythe freehand, but I find it quicker to peen with a jig. Right now a meter of snow on the ground and not much use for scythes!
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Re: Cloning grandpa's work: peening station

Postby anobium » Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:16 pm

Peening anvils often turn up in France at junk sales. If anyone wants one, I can bring some for the Bodgers Ball. Price about £10.
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