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Spoon Library

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:16 pm
by Ian G
I've been working on a spoon library over the last few months and have found that at Demo's it seems to be a sure-fire way of drawing in the public. Mainly parents pointing out to their bairns to have a look at all the different woods. This then feeds into each kind of woods use and it's history. I've found this wee collection of spoons a great tool for making people hang about for a bit you end up having a better chat and a better chance at selling. It was inspired by a chap I saw at an event (can't remember his name) a couple of years ago. He had a wood library, small books made totally from wood with the common name on the spine and the scientific name on the cover. I didn't count but he must of had over a hundred different woods from all over the world. It was brilliant colour and grain wise and to be able to compare the weight from one kind to another was an eye-opener.

My collection is still small, I have some holly,oak,nothofagus and elm to add over the winter. I always check any info regarding toxicity and todate I've only had concerns over a bit of lonicera.