AGM Reports or Pictures?

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AGM Reports or Pictures?

Postby Darrell » Thu May 17, 2007 4:06 am

The AGM was last weekend wasn't it? I was on a canoe trip with my son's Scout Troop, so I could not attend (that and being 7000km away even if I didn't have other plans...).

No postings here, no new pictures in the Gallery, nothing. Was the weekend such a disaster that everyone just gave up in apathy? Or was it such a hugely wonderful event that you're all still speechless and unable to do anything but sit there with big silly grins?

Come on, give us poor souls something to live vicariously on...

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Postby riptoff » Thu May 17, 2007 10:20 am

AGM very enjoyable, well worth 12 hours travel each way by train from France. Event is attracting high quality craftspeople from other disciplines eg feltmaking.
One criticism- generator was kept running all daylight hours just to power tea-urn. Surely a waste of petrol, could not bottled gas be used or heat water over wood fire?
Many thanks to organisers, looking forward to Horton cum Studley, hope to re-visit nearby Boarstall duck decoy.
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Postby HughSpencer » Thu May 17, 2007 8:51 pm

The tea urn and generator are a bit of a sore point. The original Tea urn is knackered and Katie borrowed one from the National Trust - thanks to them. I spent a good deal of Saturday trying to get the old one working.
Actually the diesel genny is pretty economical.
We would need a genny for lights and PA anyway. Also all the catering kit was powered from the genny so that you had a hot dinner on Saturday night.
A gas powered urn might be a good idea if anyone has such a thing but the gas ring that was heating the auxillary kettle ran out pretty quickly and it costs quite a lot for that size of gas bottle in the UK - less in France as they are more commonly used as houshold cooking fuel sources.
My 7kg cylinder cost £14.75 for a refill, so I expect the one on that ring was about £25.00.
I don't know what the hire cost was for the genny over the weekend but it used less than 40 litres of red diesel which is much less than the 98p a litre I pay for road diesel. In the great scheme of things the provision of tea, heat, light and sound wasn't that extravagent. I would not have liked to face the AGM without a Tea Urn, the natives get pretty nasty if they are deprived of a hot cuppa every few hours.
Anyway it was a good weekend in spite of the weather.
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