Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby taffy63 » Thu May 17, 2012 12:48 am

Your prize was well deserved, I loved both the pieces you entered, glad you got the lathe and happy turning

Thanks Sean, that means a lot, it was very nice to meet you. :D
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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby Andrew » Mon May 21, 2012 2:40 pm

Not sure if this should have its own new topic but there was some discussion this year about where the BB was to be held next year, does anyone have any information about this yet?

Also I have two ideas about possible locations, how much information would sensibly be required before putting them forward as suggestions?
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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby Mark Allery » Mon May 21, 2012 6:15 pm

Hello Andrew,

thanks for raising this. Yes, good idea - I should start a thread for future BB locations, thanks!

The discussion at the end of the AGM was when Tony mentioned that we didn't yet have a location for the BB 2013 and that if anyone had any suggestions they should let me know. I patiently waited for a queue to form outside my office/landrover but on this occasion I was disappointed - though we have had a couple of suggestions that we are following up for next year - but we could do with more suggestions and not just for next year 2013, also the year afterwards 2014 (we have a potential location for 2015) and onwards.

Perhaps as important as the location is a local organising group to do the hard work of booking facilities, marquees(if needed), toilets, generator, beer, food, entertainment, demonstrators, racing wood, firewood and practice wood and so on, and then preparing the site.

Please feel free to email me or to give me a call (my phone number is in the gazette) with any suggestions or to find out more about what running a Bodgers Ball entails.

Folks have mentioned to me that it's about time we visited Wales or perhaps the far north? So suggestions from the extremities are also to be welcomed,


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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby Mace Bryant » Wed May 23, 2012 5:04 pm


I've just put a few fairly random photos of the Beech Ball on my Blog.

It's at if you fancy a look.

It was a brilliant do, and a big thanks to everyone who attended and made it so special.

mace x
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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby anobium » Wed May 23, 2012 6:21 pm

My sixth Bodgers Ball and well worth the trip from France. Always a learning experience and good to meet new and old faces. Monkton Wylde was an experience in itself!
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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby Mike Abbott » Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:42 am

Sorry I missed the Beech Ball this year. Sounds like it was a good one - well done Dai and team.
I'd like to make it next year but would much prefer not to travel far north - it was that way about 3 years ago I think.
I like the idea of Wales - Anyone any contacts at St Fagans, near Cardiff? - not too far out of the way and some of the best ash in the country. Otherwise It's a while since we visited Anglesey/N Wales - possibly the other Green Wood Centre?
Or I see there is a new Wales group based near Aberystwyth - this would give you good kick start to organise and AGM.
I'll come clean - I will definitely have a new version of my book - Living Wood - which I will have launched in April. Presumably Robin W will have finally got his new spoon book out and Rebecca Oaks should have her new book on Greenwood crafts. I wouldn't be surprised if Ben Law were to have a new book out by then. Maybe James Murcell would like to plug his good book on Windsor chair-making. Being in Wales, maybe this could be an alternative Greenwood Hay Festival - perhaps a drop of sponsorship from Living Wood Books, Crowood Press, Stobarts and Freshwood Publishing (Living Woods Mag).
I'll copy this to Nelis Drost (Wales co-ordinator) and see if he will take the bait.
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Re: Bodgers Beech Ball and APT&GW AGM 2012

Postby nic » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:43 pm

See what Nellis says but it sounds good to me Mike.
I'll put forward the idea of Machynlleth

The main con is that it is hard to get to from just about anywhere but it is pretty much in the middle of Wales.

Pros- it has an emerging alternative scene- amongst other festivals held there the Mach fringe is starting to be viewed as warm up to the main event in Edinburgh. But the main reason people will have heard of Mach is the Centre for Alternative Technology. They have been in a state of flux recently so I am not sure of the situation there but that might be a venue. Generally I think there would be a lot of local interest from non members, so a good recruiting ground- I assume that is a Plus?
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