New appreciation for "waste" wood.

If you know or have a source of materials or are looking for them post here.

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New appreciation for "waste" wood.

Postby arborrider » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:39 pm

Warm days, cool nights and a bit of color in the foliage. Time to start cruising the property for firewood. Until this season I considered the hard bends, crooks and branching sections wasted wood that ended up on the brush piles. Now I see possible legs for benches, ladles & spoons. The base couple feet of any decent size birch or poplar will be reserved for bowl material. Not firewood.

Plan is to reserve couple lengths (~5ft,~150cm) for bowl making later in this coming winter. Hopefully a couple feet section will be free of cracks by use time.. Paint the ends and remove the bark? White birch and yellow poplar.

Related to a previous post regarding price for greenwood. Greenwood source is abundant & inexpensive up here. If you have property the price beyond the chainsaw costs are a bit of sweat and time. No property. For a small state/county fee(~$10usd) you can remove dead or dying trees from public forestry lands or scavenge the logging sites located on public forestry lands.
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