If you know or have a source of materials or are looking for them post here.

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Postby Billman » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:50 pm

My wife has asked me to cut down two large cherry trees - I've been putting it off for a year or two, but hope to cut them down this winter, after the sap has fallen..

One edible, one flowering - both about 12 to 15" in diameter, x approx 8ft long - plus all the limbs... too good to burn, but too big for me to move off site...

So will de-limb first, then use tirfor to pull over the trunk to (hopefully) pull out the root/stump... (failing that cut of low and hire in a stump remover)....

So wood will be free to anyone that can use it for green woodworking, pole turning, spoon carving etc...

Help would be appreciated...

Location south west Wiltshire, near Warminster...

Please get in touch if you are interested - will even let it go to anyone with a portable mill that wants to convert it on site...
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