A Bodgers Life

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A Bodgers Life

Postby Andrew Hilton » Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:52 pm

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Hello again, everyone. It's been awhile since I've visited the forum but I've just been snowed-over with events and orders to be able to get online much over the past few years. The weather here in the Ozark Mountains of the U.S. has been just too hot and sticky lately so I'm taking a couple of days off and trying to stay cooler.

On with my question ... I'm looking for background information on the Bodgers life. Not so much the act of working the wood (felling, cutting, riving, shaving, turning, drying, tools used and the so on), but the rest of it. Their life and how they lived in the forests (for those that mainly did that). Their essential tools and equipment for living in the woods; buildings or structures; and what else they did to stay alive when either the weather or economic conditions didn't allow for their direct Bodging activities. Information along that sort. I've read a few of the online articles from Stuart King about the various workers of wood in Europe with great interest. But, I'm wanting a bit more depth and background of these craftsmens' daily life from more sources for my next (possible) venture. Online, book, video, woodcarving or just whatever is out there, I'd be interested in.

It's one thing, when I'm demonstrating or giving classes on greenwood woodworking, bodging or the other woodland artisan activities, to show and talk about the mechanics of working with the wood and producing items but it's something else to have a concrete background into these peoples' lives and how they really lived.

Thanks for whatever light you can shine on this,
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Re: A Bodgers Life

Postby robin wood » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:55 pm

I don't know of any bodgers that lived in the woods as far as I know (from chats with Stuart King over the years) they all went home at the end of the days work. The bodgers huts that we see pictures of were simply shelters set up in the wood to work in, they bought a parcel of woodland within easy walking distance of their homes, most lived in nice cottages, grew veg etc just like any other craftsman.
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