How could the board rank information?

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I want the Board to be able to rank the usefulness of SOME threads.
I don't think the board needs to rank threads.
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How could the board rank information?

Postby gavin » Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:27 am

(As an experiment, I have put a 'poll' on this thread for 7 days. All this will do is to display readers' perceptions of this thread. It won't rate it relative to other threads. You get 1 vote. )

Some threads interest many people, and some are of narrower interest.
Some people post rarely but are really worth listening to .
How could a new board member know where to begin reading any particular forum?
A thread does show the number of views it has had - but I don't think you can sort by views :?:
A moderator can make a topic 'sticky' - but that is one person's opinion,which does not access collective wisdom. And if you had 40 'sticky' posts in the whole board, how would you know which was the most interesting of those 40? uses various measures to rank information value. One is that readers can (within limits) add to their fellow-poster's 'reputation' - and they have other ranking criteria, both for the thread and the poster.

What can we do similarly?
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Re: How could the board rank information?

Postby robin wood » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:23 am

gavin wrote: uses various measures to rank information value. One is that readers can (within limits) add to their fellow-poster's 'reputation' - and they have other ranking criteria, both for the thread and the poster.

What can we do similarly?

I see you have not been over to BB recently Gavin. If you do you will see the rep system broke down due to misuse. There was some interesting discussion about how such a saytem was bound to misuse and failure (mates bigging each other up etc) eventualy and apparantly there is a moderators forum where they discus such things and rep systems cause mods more hassle than all other issues put together.

We are still a small forum, in a few days you get to know everybody and most sections only have a couple of pages of posts so stuff isn't getting lost or buried yet though it will.

I liked the idea of a section for tutorials to stop those sinking.

The board index itself theoretically should act as an index and filing system, if it isn't doing so effectively perhaps we should check the section headings and see if we need any new, eg tutorials, if there are any that get used lots that could be split and if any are not used much that could be done away with.

I would like to have a section where we the forum members could post information and questions and agenda items for the committee. This could be emptied maybe printed and taken to committee at each meeting. I actually use the APT business section for this at the moment but it would be good if it was formalised. bowls, books and courses
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robin wood
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Re: How could the board rank information?

Postby Nicola Wood » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:42 am

You seem obsessed with trying to measure the unmeasurable Gavin :roll: I think at the moment we are a small forum with few enough people who know each other well enough for this to work on an informal basis. If someone to says to myself, Robin or Hugh (the mods) that something is useful we can quickly assess it and sticky it if we agree. I really can't see the need for anything more complex at the moment.
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Re: How could the board rank information?

Postby woodness sake » Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:48 pm

The value of information is in the eye of the beholder. Even if the board could somehow rank such things, I would probably pay no attention to it.
Personally, I rank first by date of post, second, by topic. If I've seen it before, I move on unless there is more information to complement what is there. Sometimes, I look at the name of the poster and consider what they have had to say in the past. If I don't recognize the name, or if they are a new member, it is quite important to me to hear them out. This last thing is what gives the most value to an open forum. But that's just my opinion. :wink:
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Re: How could the board rank information?

Postby Bob_Fleet » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:02 pm

How about an alphabetic index of sorts.
If you use the search facility you come up with dozens of posts with the subject. It needs a ranking or something but also fits in with the tutorial.
If you wanted to look up a Bodger's Muddle then it would link to a posting with information rather than just a mention.
Thanks for reminding me how to link?

I keep looking back for some really great postings I know are there but it takes a while to find them.
Tutorials would be great to have and point straight to them.

It would take a while to set up initially but ongoing maintenance just needs some way to judge whether new postings, really new threads, need to be added then the 'author' of the index can edit it in.
Another question is whether links should only point to the forum or to external sites as well. My view is the former and if there is something external then the forum posts will link to it.
Again the question is how to choose or rank them.

I'm happy to keep at it if it's wanted and we find a way to select the posts to go on it.

Draft Index

..Handles - making
..Handles - fitting

Bicycle Grinder
Birch Bark Canoe
BIrch Sap Wine
Bodgers' Ball
..Log to Leg Rules
..Blank Preparation
..First Bowl
..Lathe Bed
..39 pictures from Paul
Burning Wire

Captive Rings
Chopping blocks
Cupid's Arrow

Deep Hole Boring

European Dovetails

Forge for free
..How to post pictures

Gipsy Flowers
Grow a Chair

Hook Knives
Hook tools






Model Pole Lathe





Jean Paul Rossi

Shaving Horses


UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage


Whimmy Diddles



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Re: How could the board rank information?

Postby Matt Jarvis » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:03 pm

I understand where you are coming from Gavin. A new forum member who wants to learn more about the craft may want to see only 'Interesting posts'. The 'Happy New Year', 'Whose got the best hat' type posts, which are good social interactions between the forum, would not be of interest to them at that point. As Robin said, rating posts is very difficult and I would not be in favour of that. If a person wants specific info then there is the search box. If they want to get involved then they have to visit regularly and get a feel for the forum. Anything more than that would require a lot of admin for very little gain.
I regard this forum as a technical one where people can get technical info. Many forums I've been involved with float off into philosophical realms or fill up with the mad ramblings of a few which annoy the ones who just want to learn more about the topic. At the moment this forum is an excellent one, well moderated, where people can find the information and contacts they want and be inspired by the excellent work of others.
Long may it continue, '
Thats my twopenny worth,
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Re: How could the board rank information?

Postby SeanHellman » Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:18 pm

Fleetpeople, I like the idea of an index and already have found something that I have not seen before from the draft index. I have had problems with the search feature in respect to knowing that I have read a great post and want to find it again but I get loads of results that I have to trawl through them. The search function is great and necessary and if we can have an index as well that would be a double bonus, another tool in the box as it were. I am not sure about too many sticky posts as I often scan the board index by newest posts and do not want to scroll down to far to find the most recent posts. It is easy in an index to rank posts as a tutorial, very interesting info, and not very interesting, and people talking about hats, etc
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