Spoon mule attachment for my workbench

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Spoon mule attachment for my workbench

Postby muesli » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:29 pm

I want to get into green wood working and I will start with some spoon carving. And, as always, I read a lot and watched many videos. So, very soon I stumbled upon shave horses and spoon mules as holding devices. I don`t have the space (at least in winter) for a full scale horse/mule and I know some shaving ponys (attachment for the workbench) out there. But to me, a spoon mule attachment looked more logical, if you sit on a separate stool instead of the device itself.

I built it from laminated beech leftovers from the top of my old “workbench” which looked a bit like swiss cheese and had several cracks too . The boards have some big handcut finger-joints and are glued and screwed. The levers/jaws are made from fir-offcuts. A wire holds them in place. Until now, it seems to work really good. Maybe I will take some more material of the front-top after some more practical testing.



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