Insurance - Additional Benefits - UPDATE for 2021


  1. You must be a fully paid up member (Join here)

  2. If you have purchased Additional Benefits in 2020 please  pay the lower rate (£11)

  3. If you did not purchase Additional Benefits in 2020 please pay the higher rate (£25)

Our Additional Benefits scheme provides basic Public Liability cover for those members who opt in. The cost has been £25 per year, reduced to £17.50 for those members renewing.

However there has been precious little opportunity for any  ‘additional benefit’ in 2020 so we are offering a discount  - applicable solely to those members who subscribed for 2020 year. This has been achieved partly with the assistance of our insurers and partly with funds allocated from our own Bodgers resources. There are approaching 200 of you out there who will qualify for this one year only discounted rate. Those who did not renew for 2020 and wish to come back on the scheme will have to pay the basic price of £25.00 – but will of course qualify for the renewal price once again in 2022. However, this will most probably revert in 2022 to £17.50


So – for those who subscribed in 2020 – the subscription is just £11.00


All others -  the basic rate is £25.00

Scroll down for the paypal buttons and please take care to choose the correct one.

Public Liability Insurance Scheme

The Additional Benefit (AB) insurance scheme is available to support APTGW members who wish to promote our Association aims of green woodcraft, through Demonstrating and/or Teaching. Although we are not authorised to ‘sell’ insurance, we are able offer this scheme in which it is included. Our Members who subscribe to the scheme cover the full spectrum of green woodworkers: regular course providers; volunteers helping with the young and/or disadvantaged; those making a living from green wood; and of course those who simply enjoy bodging.

The scheme provides £5,000,000 of public and products liability insurance subject to a £250 excess. All AB subscribers are covered by the block insurance policy, arranged with a panel of insurers, through our brokers. Cover runs for 12 months from 1 Jan to 31 Dec of each year, with individual subscribers covered from the date of payment, to the end of the calendar year - so please do subscribe as early as possible to obtain benefit for the full 12 months.

You must have a valid APTGW membership already in place.    You can join here

Please bear in mind that this is not a comprehensive insurance policy, but provides basic liability cover at an affordable price for individual members. The policy covers a wide range of activities, but only while teaching and/or demonstrating traditional non-powered woodworking and associated crafts, including the incidental manufacturing and sale of your products. Associated crafts include low-impact woodland and pasture management, the process of charcoal production and the forging of hand tools as used in green woodworking, and leatherwork including the process of tanning, For 2019 - Steam Bending is also specifically mentioned as covered.

It must be understood that there is no cover for working with power tools (no chainsaws or battery drills) and no cover for employees, even if only taken on for the day. Cover is for individual members, residing within the UK, but can also be extended
worldwide for UK-based members temporarily working overseas. Overseas based members are covered, but only when they demonstrate / teach in the UK. Our insurers have confirmed that cover can extend to include members operating under a ‘Personal
Service Company’ – but please do study the documentation carefully to ensure that you comply.

Applications are acknowledged and documents provided by email, usually on Fridays. The easiest way to subscribe is via PayPal– using the buttons below. (You don’t need a PayPal account). Alternatively, make a BACS payment, sending an email advice to me.
New subscribers are asked to email me with their Membership number and confirmation that the GDRP questionnaire has been completed – and a brief description of what you will be Teaching / Demonstrating. If you have a website or social media page – please send a link. It’s great to hear from our members.


A note about payment. All correspondence will be via the email address used in the PayPal payment, unless you specifically email me to let me know if you want another email address used. Similarly, if the PayPal account is not in your name – (eg someone
else paying for you) then please let me know.


Alan Reeder
APTGW Insurance Co-ordinator

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