Back by popular demand!, yes its the bodgers auction.

The auction will consist of tools, books, raw materials and finished products relating to the pole lathe and green wood activities.

No Buyers or Sellers premium. All sale proceeds to the seller.


The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or any item. Only members of APTGW may enter items. The number of items accepted will be limited to 70 at the Organiser’s discretion – on a first come first served basis. No more than 2 items per member. Items to be placed with auction volunteers on the morning of sale – no later than 09.30a.m. with a signed form.

The seller declares that he /she owns the items offered for auction and thus has full rights to offer for sale. Sellers understand and accept that the Organisers can accept no liability for the safe keeping of items offered for auction.


The auction itself will start at 11:00 am

The auction team are running an office to simplify the payment for items

Entry form