A History of Woodturning

discussion of the niceties of turning on a bow, bungee or pole lathe.

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A History of Woodturning

Postby Robin Fawcett » Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:15 am

Stuart King has produced a delightful new DVD - A History of Woodturning - including the bow lathe, pole lathe, Japanese lathe and many more. Well worth a look being nearly 2 hours long.
See a taster here...

He's also produced a DVD of his son, Adam, covering all aspects of spooncarving which I haven't got yet.
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Re: A History of Woodturning

Postby nic » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:34 am

Hi Robin, good to see you back on here.

These look great, know what to get my Dad for Christmas now.

It is good to see a variety of styles of working, it seems to me that often there are opposing camps ; pole lathe v's electric seems to come up quite often. I was at a show in South Wales a couple of weeks ago and met many older carvers they; they still made spoons and had memories of using them on a day to day basis; Their style differed from the norms that you read about on the internet; for example I was told that you should never use birch for a eating utensils. ( I actually had one guy who even told me that if you left steel tools in the sun it would ruin them and they wouldn't keep an edge, amongst other fantastic tales , but that is another story)
A couple of the carvers reminded me very much of Stuart, they would come over, pick up a tool for the first time and start cutting with it, maybe in a way that I had never seen before but perfectly controlled, modest, no fanfare, but obviously very skilled. I met Stuart at a show earlier this year and he did exactly the same thing with a selection of my blades.
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