German journeymen

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German journeymen

Postby robin wood » Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:43 pm

I just had a German journeyman visiting and though folk might be interested in this hangover from the medieval craft guild system.

This is Dietrich.

The strange costume tells folk in the know that he is a fully trained craftsman having done a full three year traditional apprenticeship before becoming a journeyman. Dietrich has now been on the road nearly 3 further years carrying all his belongings in this little pack.


Journeymen travel over many countries working in exchange for food, lodging and pocket money whilst expanding and broadening their skills. Hitchhiking and staying with local folk helps them get a good understanding of the culture of the countries they travel in and they give as well as take when they travel. If you see someone dressed like this, do offer them a bed for the night and a meal or a lift to where they are going.

More details of how the system works and pictures of work we did together on my [url=""]blog.[/url] bowls, books and courses
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