Met some APT members

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Met some APT members

Postby Darrell » Tue May 10, 2011 4:15 am

Executive Summary:

Met a couple of APT members.

Long version:

Nick and Rachel from the Dorset group contacted me last week, saying that they would be in Toronto, and would like to get together to talk about greenwood working, pole lathe turning, &cetera.

They were staying in a downtown hotel not too far from where I work (Investment Banking IT manager, probably the second most boring job ion the world; I won't say most boring because I have not tried all the other possible jobs, but I am sure it's right up there. But I digress). I sent Rachel my phone number and she called on Tuesday. We arranged to meet after I got off work, and we would find a pub where we could sit and have a couple of pints and chat.

I brought a bunch of pictures of some of the projects I have done over the years. We talked for hours about all manner of woodworking and outdoor stuff. Very nice to exchange views on different ways that wood and trees and such are used in different regions. Things that are commonplace in the UK are almost entirely absent over here, and vice versa. Rachel has inspired me to try making a shrink pot. Now I'm avidly scanning piles of brush on the sides of the road, in search of some fresh green branches the right size for a pot.

It was nice to meet some other APT members, as we're few and far between over here.

thinking this weekend's camping trip would be ideal for making a shrink pot...
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