Grown in Britain, Anyone know of these?

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Grown in Britain, Anyone know of these?

Postby davestovell » Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:00 pm

Has anyone heard of this organisation

Ive not seen any mention of them on the forum and just wondered if anyone had any thoughts?
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Re: Grown in Britain, Anyone know of these?

Postby monkeeboy » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:46 pm

Looks like a fairly dodgy, and yet another, government quango that's pretending to be grass-roots.
It's basically set-up by large businesses and academics who are clearly closely linked to DEFRA;

Dr Peter Bonfield, OBE, Chief Executive of the Building Research Establishment, and Stuart Goodall, Chief Executive of Confor presented their vision for the ‘Grown in Britain’ programme to Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Defra. This approach was endorsed by the Secretary of State, who invited Dr. Bonfield to further develop this work. Grown in Britain has cross Government support and the potential to make a lasting difference to forestry in Britain.

Which means basically, and yes this is terribly cynical, that it will no-doubt push the conifer industry as "sustainable" (even though it isn't) and it will probably not really support very small businesses that cut wood locally and sell it locally.

Owen Paterson, by the way, is now pushing strongly for GM crops.
The other week on BBC R4 Today Programme, he literally said that some children in developing countries are "going to bed being able to see and waking up blind" because they don't have access to GM food.
None of these people actually care about good things, they just want to make money.

Really well managed woods, and truly good wooden products do not need FSC stamps or "Grown in Britain" affiliation.
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Re: Grown in Britain, Anyone know of these?

Postby ToneWood » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:43 am

Looks positive.
"2) Pass your ideas and suggestions to the Grown in Britain team"
Hmm. Reminds me of a book by the BBC humorist Danny Wallace called "Join Me!": he first advertised for followers with just that simple message but then suddenly had to decide what do with "his flock" once he was unexpectedly successful.

Get involved:

1) Engage with activities, events and projects

2) Pass your ideas and suggestions to the Grown in Britain team

3) Take a walk through your local woodlands

4) Get involved in a local tree planting

5) Purchase a British wood product

Sounds good. Like monkeeboy, I wonder how this is funded (even websites cost money) and what/who is driving it. Seems like it would be sensible for the UK to preserve and expand woodlands (including for recreation & coppicing) and to produce more of our own timber and wood products - so I am supportive. However, I would rather not fill "our green and pleasant land" with dark mono-culture/conifer "deserts" with little wildlife and undergrowth, nor would I wish to encourage the hollowing-out of our diverse, old, broad-leaf woodlands to insert modern conifer plantations in the middle; I associated both practices with the Forestry Commission (and the 1970s but it still happens). I've noticed that some forestry in the UK has become highly mechanized recently. But done carefully and sensitively, it could be wonderful - and help provide a welcome sustainable boost for our flagging economy (and Sweden, the USA & Germany's - who now make all the tools, as we once did).
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Re: Grown in Britain, Anyone know of these?

Postby ToneWood » Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:07 am

Another organization with pro-woodland aims, this one is a charity:
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