Setting Hammers

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Setting Hammers

Postby gavin » Tue May 29, 2012 6:37 am

For those interested in setting saw-teeth on large saws...

Katie Flinn of Flinn Garlick saws in Sheffield offers these for GBP10 ex taxes and delivery, so GBP16.50 for me here in UK or circa USD25. Katie told me this hammer is very similar to the hammer they use to set their teeth as in this Science Channel video .

To see the setting hammer, forward to 1 minute 41 seconds. Altho' her company is not specifically credited, you can see the brand name etched in to the saw at 2:17. She has about 15 hammers left 25 May 2012, and made them for Katie.

If you have saw-filing expertise please PM me. I have not and would like to meet folk in UK who could help me.
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