Wavy Oak butt

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Wavy Oak butt

Postby Ken Hume » Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:36 am


I have just (Feb 2011) felled a medium sized oak at the front of our property (roadside) for public safety reasons.

The branch wood is now stacked at my firewood shed awaiting cutting to size and stacking but the butt log remains at roadside awaiting a use for someone with a chainsaw or a portable sawmill to come and convert this into chopping blocks. fence posts, turning blanks etc.

The heartwood has wavy "annual" rings and is a slightly darker than usual. The log is raised off the ground on bearers and is 9ft long with a circumference of 68" at the butt tapering to 58" at the top.

If you are near North Hants then just send me a PM to arrange to come and "pick your own".


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