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This page lists members who can teach you to work in green wood, or are willing to undertake commissions etc.

The APTGW is very pleased to support our members who teach, demonstrate and make objects to sell and are delighted to advertise their details below. However, the APTGW as an organisation cannot accept responsibility for any aspects of their work or teaching.

There is a lot of information available, so you will need to scroll around the sheet or use the search box.

If you are an APTGW member and want your listing amended (or even getting a listing) please contact us using the form below the table

Notes on the table

You can download the whole table (useful for use with Mobile devices)

Use the search function (the little magnifying glass) to find specific areas of interest, or locations

In the table below the codes are as follows

Course giver (by timetable Ct or by arrangement Ca) or Demonstrator D

The "whats on offer" section is new and will be added over the coming weeks, as providers send the detail over

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