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Feb 12



Google Ad's are a great way to make money - see right of the screen.

The adverts are made up from google snooping on your browsing history (so don't blame us for the weird adverts you are seeing!)

Questions - Are they annoying, should we remove them?

Would we be better having a links page for bodgers, and bodge related services? Either free or paid?



I dont have a problem with ads as they are not " in your face " so I say lets make some Money£££££££.



I dont have a problem with ads as they are not " in your face " so I say lets make some Money£££££££.



Just a quick note, the Ads I am seeing are the things I have been looking at on Ebay, so other people may not all see the same Ads.



I am unable to sign on via my Phone to the Forum as my Keyboard covers the Password Section and I cant see what I have typed, do others have the same problem?.



Get an add blocker on the browser extension if you cannot put up with them. I personally don't want them that's why I use one Phil.R

New Posts
  • Having done a little end grain cup turning I want some advise. I have a piece of ash which I could split and turn 3 or 4 cups from. Alternatively I could turn an end grain bowl out of the single piece. The questions I have are: is ash suitable for cups, and is it possible to turn an end grain bowl? All feedback welcome, Tim
  • This is like a normal drawknife but has one or more raised semicircular areas for making rods like rake handles. Anyone know where I can get one?
  • I'm trying to find various wood-related sites I'd bookmarked, and am not having much luck. Thought I'd check in here and see if a link list had been set up. Haven't found one yet (after looking at the Links section on here), so would be glad for a pointer. If there isn't a list already, can this post serve as a temporary place for people to list their favourite related sites? At the moment, my highest priority is in tool making, maintenance, and repair, but I'd also be glad to see links to sites about courses, materials, techniques and so on!