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Aug 10

Burning wire


Anyone found a good wire for marking fibbers etc. Better still a supplier.



Aug 10

Opps - autocorrection rules! dibbers not fibbers (although it might have been a medieval way of branding liars)

Aug 22Edited: Aug 22

Hi Allenjon, I use an Iron wire. I'm sure it's an old school reel of heavy fuse wire but it works very well after only a few rotations. You can get iron craft wire from Amazon in varying sizes and its 50mts for a few quid. Mine is about 1mm but I guess thicker would give a stronger line. EDIT...I've seen bicycle brake wire used to good effect too.

Aug 27

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give the brake cables a go. One of the minor annoyances with single strand wire seems to be it becoming spirally twisted after a few runs. Maybe multi strand cable won’t.

Aug 27

Thanks for that. I’ve got a couple and will give it a try.

Aug 30

Yes, I used old bike brake cables. Then i found a load of old safety cables in a skip probably 15-20 years ago and should see me till I shuffle off this coil. Sign up for a chair course and I'll give you some cable :) :)


Thanks - Mike (I presume) If I do the chair course we can also reconvene the Abbots Leigh Primary Leavers of 1961/2. Remember you have nothing to fear but Mrs Fear.

I use old bicycle brake or gear cable.

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