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Mar 12

Contacts required

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Edited: Mar 12

Hello everyone I,m looking for contacts that can provide pole lathe turned bowls. I attend a lot of living history events and traders from Europe sell cheap bowls that certainly look like hand turned they seem to come from Europe. I would like to find out where i can get them from as I don’t produce enough bowls to sell and it would supplement my demonstration. I hope this is an appropriate post as i hope to support other pole lathe users but i need to compete with prices.



Mar 21

It’s time consuming to make bowls, as you know. To quote a cliche´, time is money. You really have to charge enough to pay for your time to make people understand the work that’s needed to produce one. Buying cheap bowls so you can compete on price is the classic way to devalue your work, and make it impossible to earn enough for your work. It’s making a rod for your own back.

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