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Feb 8

The old Forum posts are here


While our technical elves try and figure out how to archive the old messages into a people readable format they have set up a link to the old site for us. So if there is something you are looking for try



Please post new messages on here, not the old site!



Feb 13Edited: Feb 13

Many thanks - my computer throws it up as an Insecure site, but no problems in opening it...


Are you going to create New Topic Folders for discussions?? e.g. Tools????

Mar 24

We can create as many areas as we want, but the volume of posts suggests less is easier to navigate

happy to add more, just let me know what you want

Is it possible for some of the really great postings on the old forum to be edited into articles for the main site ? I think particularly of Robin Wood's instructions on making and fitting axe handles, but there must be many more that it would be as shame to lose in the dusty depths of an archive.

Mar 24

We could do, BUT. Many years ago I did extract such things and pop them on the old site, and the view was people were better off visiting the forum. So they all got deleted

HOWEVER things change and if you (or anyone else) are offering to create some articles I will be very happy to add them to the site. For the avoidance of doubt I will not be creating these :-)


I'm having problems accessing the old forum, it works sporadically. I regularly get page failed to load errors. messages

Apr 24

i think this depends on your browser and ISP, some are a lot more sensitive than others.

The domain name beta.bodgers.org.uk no longer exists:


$ nslookup beta.bodgers.org.uk



** server can't find beta.bodgers.org.uk: NXDOMAIN

a day ago

On the old site I posted several times, including many images of shave horses - I have tried to find the archive page, but it's no longer available... It's not available on Wayback Machine at archive.org either, as they didn't extract all pages from the old site... It's a shame that so much information now appears to have been lost.....

New Posts
  • Having done a little end grain cup turning I want some advise. I have a piece of ash which I could split and turn 3 or 4 cups from. Alternatively I could turn an end grain bowl out of the single piece. The questions I have are: is ash suitable for cups, and is it possible to turn an end grain bowl? All feedback welcome, Tim
  • This is like a normal drawknife but has one or more raised semicircular areas for making rods like rake handles. Anyone know where I can get one?
  • I'm trying to find various wood-related sites I'd bookmarked, and am not having much luck. Thought I'd check in here and see if a link list had been set up. Haven't found one yet (after looking at the Links section on here), so would be glad for a pointer. If there isn't a list already, can this post serve as a temporary place for people to list their favourite related sites? At the moment, my highest priority is in tool making, maintenance, and repair, but I'd also be glad to see links to sites about courses, materials, techniques and so on!