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Aug 24

Useful Links?


Edited: Aug 25

I'm trying to find various wood-related sites I'd bookmarked, and am not having much luck.

Thought I'd check in here and see if a link list had been set up. Haven't found one yet (after looking at the Links section on here), so would be glad for a pointer.


If there isn't a list already, can this post serve as a temporary place for people to list their favourite related sites?


At the moment, my highest priority is in tool making, maintenance, and repair, but I'd also be glad to see links to sites about courses, materials, techniques and so on!

Aug 26

This guy is a serious dude, not sure if its what you're looking for but here you go...www.runemaltebertramnielsen.com


Aug 26

Splendid stuff! But not what I'm thinking of re the above. I was initially thinking of the various bodgers' fora, and the sawyers' discussion board, with an interest in reconditioning old tools.

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