Insurance - Additional Benefits - UPDATE for 2019

Written by Phillip Piddell on .

Enhanced cover and important changes to charges - please read below


Before you purchase our additional benefits insurance, you must be a fully paid up member of the APTGW

You can join here


For those of you already signed up to this scheme- please renew in good time to maintain cover from 1st January

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Many of you are already familiar with our ‘AB’ scheme,  which includes basic Public Liability insurance. The major benefit of this service is that all Additional Benefit (AB) members are covered by the block insurance policy we have arranged with  a panel of insurers, through brokers Hencilla Canworth. Please bear in mind – this is not a comprehensive policy – but provides basic cover at an affordable price for individual members whilst Teaching and/or Demonstrating.

2019 Subscription rates unchanged - £17.50 for those renewing.  £22.50 for others.


£5,000,000 SUM INSURED  - £250 excess

12 MONTHS FROM 1ST JAN – to 31st December of each year.

The policy  provides ‘AB’ members with cover

whilst teaching and /or demonstrating traditional non-powered

Woodworking and Associated Crafts including the incidental manufacturing and sale of products.

Associated Crafts include low impact woodland and pasture management, the process of charcoal production and the forging of hand tools as used in Green Woodworking.


Members will note that the policy covers a wide range of activities; for example, scything is included under pasture management, and specifically, teaching and demonstration of charcoal production and forging of hand tools is also covered. New for 2019 – Steam Bending is specifically mentioned.    It must be understood that there is no cover for working with power tools – absolutely no chainsaws – and no cover for employees – even if only taken on for the day.  As I have commented before – this scheme is there to support Members who wish to promote our traditional greenwood crafts.

Remember that you must maintain your membership of APT&GW – and that cover expires at 31st December – no matter when you apply – so get on and apply as early as possible to obtain benefit for the full 12 months of the year – Don’t leave it to the last minute and then expect a response the next day!!

Applications are acknowledged and documents provided by email – usually just once a week – on Fridays – so please look out for an email.   If you are paying for someone else – or need the docs sent to a different email – please let me know. You do not actually need a paypal account! Alternatively, you can make a BACS payment – with email advice to me.   If you do not have email then you will need to send a sae – with your payment by cheque or bacs..

Lastly – if you have a website of your own – please do include a link to our bodgers.org.uk site and if you are subscribing for the first time – please do get in touch by email to let me know. It is always good to hear from members and to learn what they are up to !


Very important – if you have changed your email since last renewal – please do send me a specific email to let me know, so that I can update my records.


New / initial purchase (£22.50)


Renewals (£17.50)