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Our organization exists due to a small group of interested people who willingly put themselves out to make things happen. Our meetings are not long or boring, and we usually have a laugh along with the discussion and food.

Our organization is growing very fast and we need some more help. Nobody should feel chained to a voluntary role supporting our organization, so before people get to feel like that, I want more people involved, so we can break jobs down and share the work and the fun. To tempt you in, we have thought about the roles we have on offer so you can be clear about what it is about and exactly what you are committing yourself to. Having said that:

  • We are always looking for people to help with Gazette content: cartoons, jokes, articles, photographs, profiles of famous members, etc.

  • We are also hoping to put more content online; we have a fantastic opportunity with our popular site.

  • We also require new blood who has not necessarily thought about any formal role.

All people who support the Committee are offered travel expenses, currently at 40p per mile to attend meetings, or public transport costs. You will also be covered for other expenses for things needed by your role. We meet four times a year, one being the Bodgers Ball. Not all Committee member need to attend all our meetings. There is no need to be an expert on green woodwork, as we have plenty of people in the organization who we can ask when we get stuck: we want people who will help out with other things.


For all these opportunities get in touch with me, email is best, if not my mobile or land line. I will ring back, or refer your enquiry to one of the Committee. Don't be shy. I will ensure that you are not signing up for life, just taking a share of the load for a while.

 Jon Warwicker
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07960 035267