A guide to Coppicing by Ray Tabor

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Ray Tabor's new guide to coppicing

Cyril Mummery a Kentish woodsman looked after Shadwell Woods in Essex. My wife spoke highly of him and so she might. Her task in those days was to oversee the woodland reserves of Essex Wildlife Trust. Cyril's wardening of Shadwell was an example to all. In his team of volunteers was a certain Ray Tabor who in  the course of time succeeded Cyril as warden of Shadwell. Having myself volunteered at Shadwell under Ray's command on one occasion I can attest to the comradely nature of his band of helpers.

So enough of the nostalgia, what of the book?

This is a slim volume of 48 pages written and illustrated by Ray in clear line drawings. The text is a condensation of learned reason and common sense. In those 48 pages he manages to tell the reader how and why coppicing tasks should be carried out. Always safety first, always how to do it and the reasons why. For anyone starting out either as a volunteer. or for the lucky few, working on your own woodland, this is something you should take with you as an 'instruction manual'. Practice what Ray shows you and your coppice will live long and prosper.

Book details;

ISBN: 987-1899233-21-2
Dimensions 170 x 230mm
48 pages plus 4 colour cover
50 black and white illustrations.

RRP £6.50 but note that the publisher will offer substantial discounts where multiple copies are bought by green woodworking and coppice groups.

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