Making Traditional English Wooden Eating Spoons

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About the author Eric Rogers

Eric spent his working life with the Forestry Commission planting and maintaining woods around England. He worked right from WWII through the time when the 'bean counters' in Whitehall insisted on planting English woods with foreign pines to the time when this mistake began to be rectified. He has always been interested in making things from the raw materials he helped nurture to maturity. He has a keen interest in the history of the use of wood as well as modern uses. From Viking timber built towns in Russia to discovering George Layley green turned bowls in curiosity shops. His knowledge of treen is immense. I was first taught spoon carving by Eric some 20 years ago and I still have and use the spoon I made under his guidance. He can be found at Bradfield Woods in Suffolk on the first Sunday of the month where he is surrounded by friends and admirers from the APT&GW.

The Book

Before the mass production of cutlery and china everyone would have used wooden spoons and bowls.  Those spoons were made as practical utilitarian tools and most would have been used to the point of destruction before being kindling for the next fire. This means that archeology  such as the raising of the Mary Rose from Portsmouth provide a cornecopia of examples of treen normally denied to researchers. From these examples it is possible to tell how they were made by the knife marks. Eric has studied and practiced this ancient craft of whittling spoons for many years. This book is an updated version of the one I bought from him when I carved my spoon. At 18 pages of black and white illustrations it may seem short but  with each point he makes, the old adage 'every picture paints a thousand words' comes true. This is a hands on 'how to do it' booklet. If you want the historical perspective come and talk to Eric at Bradfield.

Where to buy

Jon Warnes, himself a craftsman felt it was time to feed the rapidly growing interest in spoon making by providing this little perl of wisdom a new lease of life.

Making Traditional English Wooden Eating Spoons by Eric Rogers can be purchased from;

Jon Warnes Ltd.
Millbank Park
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