Green Woodworking Pattern Book by Ray Tabor

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Green Woodworking Pattern Book by Ray Tabor.

Ray says this is his last book. He has packed it full of sketches and diagrams of green wood tools and products that he has come across in the years. The range of items is fantastic. All the way from the forest, through the farmyard to the kitchen. Use this book to inspire your creative juices. Ray brings his line drawings and sketches to life with a commentary on the use and construction of the items. He includes the explanations given to him by the craftsmen and women he interviewed along with a set of bullet point tips for anyone wanting to give it a try. Over 300 patterns on 329 pages. I took this book to the Teddybear's Picnic in Slough House Wood where it was pounced on and pored over by those present. Several said they would like to buy a copy - praise indeed for they were hardened greenwood workers.

Author: Ray Tabor: Publisher, B T Batsford, The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Road, London W10 6SP ISBN 0-7134-8765-8
Price £17.99 UK, $24.95 US, $35.95 Can. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.