Bodger's Muddle - Shuttle Detail

Written by Hugh Spencer on .


The Shuttle is basically a strong box section partly cut away around the bobbin. The bows are separated by about 12" and held in place by 18swg sheet steel brackets screwed to the shuttle. The internal clearance of the shuttle around the supporting cross-member is 2.1/4". I made mine from 3/4" pine floorboard. Anything that is strong and unlikely to split will do. Glue and screw them together. It will have to stand compression by the bows from each end and downward pressure from the treadle. I padded the underside of the shuttle where the bobbin might hit it, with leather strips glued to the bottom of the cutouts.


Stringing the bows takes quite a lot of cord, about 5M of 3mm plus several metres for the drive cord. Start at one end of one bow, down to the shuttle, in one end hole, out that side hole, back into the next side hole and out to the other bow at the same end. Then reverse this using the other pair of holes and end back at the point where you started. Repeat this for the other end of the bows. I drilled 2 holes in each end of each bow. Where the cord ends in a knot, I passed a nail through the knot so that it cannot slip through the hole.

Vital statistics;

Cross-member 2x2" by length of lathe bed.

Bow 1.1/4" x 1.1/4" x 4'6" 2 off. (Ash or Yew).

Bobbin 8"x 2.1/2" (body 1.3/4" diameter, see text).

Shuttle (top) 14" x 3.3/4" x 3/4" (sides) 14" x 4.1/2" x 3/4" 2 off. (bottom) 3.3/4" x 2.1/4" x 3/4" 2 off. Metal brackets to hold bows in place.

10M of 3mm cord.

Anyone is free to copy this design for his or her own personal use and to freely modify the dimensions and detail to suite his or her needs. I reserve the copyright on this article and on the "Bodger's Muddle". This is done not for selfish reasons but by publishing the design in the public domain I effectively deny anyone the ability to take out a patent on it. If anyone requires detailed plans or wishes to discuss any aspect of the "Bodger's Muddle" post a question on the bulletin board, linked from the top of the front page.