The purpose of this, the official Association of Pole-lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers' web site, is to promote green woodworking and all its associated crafts, so that once again the woodlands of the world are nurtured and valued as a source of employment and enjoyment.

If you would like to be involved in the running of the APTGW, even in a small way, please read the Chairman's call for volunteers.

We are pleased to announce that you can now use PayPal to subscribe to APTGW membership. You can also use one of the other methods listed.  Subscribers to the APTGW receive a quarterly magazine called the Bodger's Gazette.  See Gazette pages

If you are looking for bodgers local to you take a look at the list of Local Groups or try posting a request on the Ask and Answer bulletin board.

The Ask and Answer bulletin board is a mine of information about greenwood working, with experts from around the world contributing excellent answers to questions posed and loads more besides.

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Country crafts DVD

Written by Hugh Spencer on .

Edd Terran's company www.shs-filmstudios.co.uk has secured the services of Dick Strawbridge of  'Its Not Easy Being Green and Scrapheap Challenge'  to act as anchorman on some 30 minute films aimed at making the wider community aware of the joy of re-discovering creative skills used in traditional crafts. The stars? Our very own Eric Rogers, Sue Holden and Will Wall doing what they do best. Eric has written an article for the Gazette and the first DVD  available from Amazon  for £11.48 including VAT. Free postage in the UK