Membership is open to anyone interested in pole-lathes or greenwood crafts, whatever their level of competence. By joining the APTGW you are becoming part of a worldwide group of people interested in green woodworking.


There are opportunities to meet people with the same interests by joining a local group, find out who are running courses and also discover who is making tools – and who will make one to your specification!


We have a single membership rate of £20 per year and membership runs from January to December each year.

The APTGW is run by volunteers for everyone’s benefit – you too can get involved and make new friends in
the process.

​For just £20 a year you get:


  • A quarterly Gazette with news views and articles on all aspects of green woodworking.

  • Attend the UK Bodger's Ball always held in mid-May (this is chargeable!)

  • Win prizes for your creations at the many craft competitions at the ball

  • Meet hundreds of other Bodgers and Green Woodworkers

  • Learn new skills in masterclasses

  • Attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting which is held at the Bodgers Ball

  • Vote on how the organisation progresses and elect, or even stand for the committee!

  • Have the opportunity to purchase very reasonably priced insurance for teaching or demonstrating

​​​We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Bodgers!


Online application:

Personal Details :

If you are joining online you don't need to fill out a membership form, as details will be captured by Paypal.

Note that all email / address details will be taken from your online payment and used for all communications with you.

Remember to add your phone number in the Comment section.

Complete a GDPR form :

Click this link to download a GDPR form - check your Downloads directory if you can't see it. Please note that it will not appear on this page. Once you have completed the form, please email it to the Membership Secretary (

The APTGW has to comply with General Data Protection Regulations which became law on 25 May 2018

The APTGW has always taken personal data very seriously and has never shared information with non APTGW members without permission of the member concerned.

All members must complete a GDPR form and new members will not be enrolled until the membership secretary has received your form.


All you need is a credit / debit card or your own Paypal account - see the Paypal payment button below

Application by post:

If you don't want to apply online, please print off the GDPR and membership application forms and send with your payment to the membership secretary. All payment and posting details are on the forms.



If you are using PayPal to renew your subscription it is helpful say so in the comments box found in your PayPal payment before you confirm payment. Adding a telephone number in the comments would also be helpful to the membership secretary.

If you want to pay with a Credit card use button on left and when PayPal loads select "Pay by Debit of Credit card"  see screen shot below.  You don't need to create a PayPal account

EMAIL addresses

Please note the email address used for PayPal will be the one which is used for contacting you, if your regular email address is different please contact the membership secretary.


Please check your spam folder to see if you have an email from the APT

If you want to pay with a Credit card use button on left and when PayPal loads select "Pay by Debit of Credit card"  see screen shot below.  You don't need to create a PayPal account


Please check your emails (including spam) in case the membership secretary needs to get in touch about your payment

This lot areusually in the woods

More details on GDPR