Join date: Jan 12, 2022

Hi. I've been turning for a few years now. Having gone through the initial stages of dodging chunks from catches and over enthusiastically sticking the gouge through the wall just to try and get it "that little bit thinner"!, I've now settled down and have gone down the road of making functional food items all from reclaimed / recycled materials, any materials or items I can't make I source from charity shops. A natural progression to this was to start a (very) small business selling my items to try and promote sustainability, self fund my craft and raise money for charity (mainly MSF)

I became more dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible so am now trying to learn skills and techniques with the aim of reaching for hand tools before grabbing power tools!! Although the internet is a great source of information and advice, I realise that talking to real people who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their art is the way forward, so here I am!

Best wishes to you all.


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