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The Gosman Spoon Co is a home-spun spoon carving company situated deep in the wilds of the Norfolk-Suffolk border-lands of Southern England. Father (Nick) and Daughter (Sophie) have brought together their creative talents to produce beautiful wooden spoons of every single type you can imagine. Sophie’s style is artistic and curiosity-led, whilst Nick‘s style is rustic and  functional. Like all woodworkers we respect wild nature in all its forms. In keeping with our deep love of nature, we only use wood for spoon carving that has been professionally pruned from trees to help them grow better or use wood that trees have shed naturally. To make our spoons, we use only the ancient woodcraft  hand tools and skills passed down by generations of woodworkers; the axe, the draw-knife, the crook knife and the mallet. Each spoon starts life as a piece of wood that is lovingly crafted into a spoon in an ancient spoon carving process taking three or more hour

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