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The Worshipful Company of Turners competition in October is still going ahead

Due to the cancellation of the ball, the plan to collect all the entries for the turned treen competition and deliver them to Wizardry in Wood has gone awry.

In the past we have asked people to post entries directly but to be honest it didn’t work and we had very few entries. Some delivered their own pieces and I collected and returned the rest on my travels mainly in the south of England however.
I would suggest that you talk amongst the other members of your group and perhaps send one parcel to WIW. Or ask me to collect your entries or suggest an economical way to get them delivered. It is an interesting event and plenty of bodgers do go but I do sympathise with anyone who lives outside London as to the cost of getting in and out!
We still have plenty of time to get organised for WIW  and the deadline for entries is not until 13th October 2020 
Can I just remind you of the prize money - 1st prize £400 second £200 third £100
And only APTGW members can enter!
Jon Warwicker

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