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Bodgers Required

A request for help from Norham Arts near Berwick Upon Tweed

I am looking for a wood turner/Bodger - anyone who works with wood!

Norham Arts is organising an art exhibition 21-24 june, and on afternoon of 23 June (2-5pm)

we are also holding a small woodland arts and craft festival - we had a wood worker lined up but he has just cancelled….just wondered if one of your members might be available/willing to come instead?

We will provide a table and a gazebo so its an opportunity to sell some stuff and possibly do a demonstration? no charge. 

kind regards

Victoria Craig

PS Norham is about 8 miles inland from Berwick Upon Tweed, right on the border….

Into the Woods Festival pdf
Download PDF • 729KB

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Association of Pole-lathe Turners
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