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Craft Workshops at Raincliffe Woods

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Thomas Webborn writes :

Through the week of 15th August we are exploring putting together a programme of specialist crafts workshops for the public. We have budgeted £150 to offer the tutor for each day, and we would try and recoup the funds by charging members of the public, and make up the numbers with our Raincliffe staff and volunteers if necessary. We would hope to provide the materials from Raincliffe Woods, and would be happy to discuss what other equipment or resources are needed for the day. That week also culminates in the Secret Wood Festival on Saturday 20th August, where we are celebrating all things woodlands, their ecology and their greenwood products, with live music and food etc. The specialist craftspeople running workshops through the week would be our special guests with a voucher for some free food and refreshments and a free space to trade their crafts. My colleagues Paul and Gillian are on with the advertising to push for a well attended event. It's just a month away, so your members may already have other things on. We would be delighted if some folks are available to run a craft workshop in that week and would like spaces at the Festival on the Saturday 20th. For details please email me :

Website :

Mailing address : Thorn Park Farm Mowthorpe Hackness Scarborough YO12 5TB

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