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I am based in North Essex and was attracted to green wood-working in a search for a more sustainable source of materials whilst working in product design. I seem ludicrous to me to be importing often anonymous wood from thousands of miles away when we have such a rich source grown locally and such interesting techniques for processing it. After one pole-lathe session with Robin Fawcett I was hooked and have been working the fresh stuff ever since.

Key tethers with hemp rope (for keys or USBs that you dont want to lose, like workshop keys etc)

Ebonised Ash coffee tamper (with tea staining) and 3d printed ceramic dish. An experiment in using traditional and modern techniques together.

Lightscape candle holder from Cleft ash. Experiment in contrasts between ends finished with plane and main body left as was cleft.

Coppice wine rack from Ash frame, hazel rods andd CNC cut particle board wine tubes.

David Stovell
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