Berkshire Bodgers - Shelter Proposal

The Berkshire Bodgers local APTGW group are considering building an open sided shelter in a copse using a saddle notch log building construction - interlocking horizontal logs, Scandinavian style, as per the pic but on a smaller scale using logs of 4”-5” diameter.

They’re currently researching this as an option – it may not be feasible in their scenario. If anyone has experience of this or could put them in contact with someone who does please could they contact Trevor Howard on 07531 277668 or The sorts of queries he has at this stage are:

· How feasible is this using smaller scale logs 4”-6” in diameter.

· How straight do the logs have to be.

· Happy to buy a book or CD on how to tackle this but is there a recommended best ‘one’ as opposed to needing to buy many.

· Presumably it can be done using green woodworking tools as opposed to chainsaws – accepting it’ll probably take longer.

· Could straight (forest grown) Ash be used (we have access to plenty of this) – if so any advice on treating it for durability or is this a non starter?

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