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Demonstration and Stalls needed for Midlands Woodlands fair

To anyone able to help or attend with this event a request has been made to the association for help as seen below


Each year we hold an open public event called Oaks and Shires which brings together local volunteer groups with traditional woodland crafts people. This event takes place at a different Solihull MBC woodland each year and gives us chance to explain why we need to manage our woodlands and to encourage people to visit and get involved in their local site.

This year we are hoping to run Oaks and Shires at Elmdon Nature Park on Saturday 7th October between 11:00am - 3:00pm:

W would be keen to set up various stalls displaying woodland crafts, activities etc within the woodland and in previous years

have offered a pole lathe/bowl turner workshop. Unfortunately both of our contacts have moved out of the area or are unable to attend on 7th October.

If there are any other members who would be interested in attending the event and if so can provides rates (labour/travel) for a pole lathe/bowl turner workshop. If any interested members could get in touch via:

Kind regards,



Conservation of the Historic Environment, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Ecology | Economy and Infrastructure Directorate | Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council


If anyone is interested and can attend please let them know asap, alternatively we can forward any mail to Dan if nessacerily

All the best,

Anthony Potts,

Bodger and Web overlord

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